Bonded ship windows

We are the specialist when it comes to yacht glass. From glued windows to welded windows, from flat glass to bend glass, from thermally toughened to chemically toughened and from standard to custom, we deliver a wide variety of high quality glazing solutions. It is, therefore, not surprising that our glass can be found in many Mega- and Super-yachts.

The preparations for installing glued windows can be made in the pre-assembly stage of yacht building, and without welding hours and the need to stop interior work while welded windows are being installed, a significant cost and time reduction can be achieved.


Plane or curved

Complete glazing

Special constructions made of metal and glass

Fireproof (Windows A0-A60)

Bullet-proof (All categories)

Sound proof (air and structure- borne noise)

With EMS-Function (EMI, EMC, RCS)

Bonded ship windows